The Milk Made Grammys Drinking Game

The 56th annual Grammys airs this Sunday, and as much as you may like music and awards, let’s face it, you’re going to want alcohol to get through it all. From our friends The Wanderlust Girls, Milk Made presents the definitive drinking game to make this year’s Grammys one to remember (or not).

1) If a celeb forgets "who they’re wearing", you must name everything YOU are wearing. If you fail, slug away.

2) If Kanye flashes a peace sign, steal your friend’s drink as if it were Taylor Swift’s microphone.

3) Every time you wonder why LL Cool J is hosting, swig and lick your lips.

4) Wager on "Song of the Year." (Fill your cup based on confidence. Losers drink.)

5) If Miley sticks her tongue out, drink for 10 seconds. (If anyone imitates her, drink for 5 seconds).

6) When you hear the key word "twerk," drink while twerking… preferably by a window.

7) Every time the camera cuts to T Swift dancing in her seat, get up and dance. Last one on their feet must chug.

8) Whenever Rihanna looks uninterested, "pour it up, pour it up" (refill your beverage).

9) Every time someone brings a crew on stage, everyone cheers together.

10) If and when LL changes his hat, change yours.

11) When the music goes on during a thank you speech, finish your drink.

12) Take a small sip every time Macklemore jumps during his performance.

13) Every time you realize Lorde was born in 1996, drink to your "accomplishments" at age seventeen.

14) Every time the camera cuts to Jay and B, look in your wallet and drink your sorrows.

15) "Blessed," "God," or points to sky = sip the "blood of christ" (red wine).

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