Wild Belle: "It's Too Late"

Two nights ago Chicago’s very own native music siblings Natalie and Elliot Bergman, aka American indie rock band Wild Belle, brought their captivating sounds to The Standard Hotel night club Chez Andre. Natalie pumped up the crowd, bringing their mega hit song It’s Too Late from their newly released Isles Remix EP album to a packed venue. With Elliot serving as the multi-instrumentalist and Natalie the sultry, almost-raspy lead vocalist, the duo produced intriguing reggae-infused beats — their contemporary American pop and electro dance vibe coupled with jazzy Jamaican jams making it so you couldn’t help but move to the beat from their latest single Another Girl.

"Everyone looked as though they were having a good time, which always makes me want to perform more," Natalie told Milk Made.

When you stand in the crowd watching these two artist, as Elliot plays the saxophone and keyboards, Natalie’s voice can sound sweet and flirty, but also tough, in a way. Their album lyrics are relatable whether they’re singing about sex, love or even heart break. You can’t help but feel a likeness for them.

As brother and sister, Natalie and Elliot grew up in the midwest but now live in New York as they continue to explore their creative talents with label Columbia Records. The Brooklyn residents couldn’t be happier about where Wild Belle is right now, with a successful album and a huge tour going on at this very moment. "We are currently touring and trying to record new material, that is hard in itself since you sometimes can’t keep the creative process going," Elliot said.

The brother and sister duo are excited about performing for the Carnival Bahidorá in Mexico on February 15, as well as the Governors Ball this summer right here in New York.

Photos by Jamie Burke

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