MADE Fashion Week Is Here

Screw the Sochi Olympics – even if our weather isn’t far off from theirs right now, our kick ass show line up is gonna blow your mind – and trump any entertainment that Putin has pulled in over there. And unlike Putin’s henchmen, we aren’t homophobic tyrants – at MADE Fashion Week, naturally there are no rules, and even if there were, rules were made to be broken. That’s just how we roll.

That said, every season has its fair share of fashion tyrants – so anyone busted acting like a dictator with a God complex – just post #fashiontyrants in your tweet or instagram. Speaking of social media, if you want more followers, take note of this: across our platforms we have more than half a million followers, so be sure to tag your posts on Instagram: @MilkStudios / @MADEfw and Twitter: @MilkStudios / @MADEfw, and never forget to use the #MADEfw hashtag to reach our social media community of everyone who matters – opinion formers, tastemakers and leading creatives like Daniel Arsham, who threw down some creative direction for MADE’s presentation this season along with limited tees designed with collaborator Chris Stamp.

This season, we’re celebrating artists. The fashion world is full of them. Fashion does not exist in a vacuum – its players bridge the world of art, film, photography and music, so in the run up to the big week, we’re meeting some of MADE’s boundary-pushing superstars – anyone who has something worthwhile to add to the conversation, especially those who cross pollinate the myriad strands of visual culture in their work.

We’re talking to designers and their collaborators. Set designers, hair and make up artists, DJ’s, producers, and anyone who matters. You’ll see all their work during fashion week itself, but before that, join us over the next few days to get inside their heads and find out why they’re artists in every sense of the word.

Lastly, keep an eye out for a few unexpected guest editors joining us in the Milk Made mayhem – they aren’t human, but they aren’t virtual either.

Oh, and P.S. We have a few little white lies to help you survive the week:

Lie to your phone insurers and tell them your cell was stolen and you need a new one – you’re going to be instagramming and tweeting the shit out of what you see here, and one device won’t suffice.

Appoint 3 doctors into your inner circle and use your best bullshit powers.

Tell one you have A.D.D. – the Ritalin will keep the energy up as you leg it from show to show.
Tell another one you have acute anxiety – Xanax is gonna keep you stable if you need to keep those copy deadlines.
Tell the third one you have sprained your ankle – Percoset will get rid of the hangovers when you’ve overdone it celebrating the genius of our designers.

Just be sure you don’t mix up the bottles – we’re going to be on the prowl for catwalk catnappers, and you don’t want that Ritalin before bed time.

Welcome to MADE Fashion Week. Welcome to the Future.

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