Kenyon Phillips And Self-Fellatio

Now that MADE Fashion Week is nearly upon us, we’re talking to some of the most interesting people around. Of course that includes The Ladies In Waiting frontman Kenyon Phillips, who not only is DJ’ing for Houghton this season (check out his exclusive Milk Made playlist), but he knows a thing or two about self-fellatio. When we asked him to send over a photo, we were hoping for something strange and beautiful. We weren’t disappointed.

Milk Made: What are you into right now?

Kenyon Phillips: Today? Die Antwoord, James Vincent McMorrow, Beyoncé, and Steppenwolf.

MM: Who are your musical heroes?

KP: The three Davids: Byrne, Bowie and Lynch (his movies more than his music, although his music’s pretty heroic, too). Honorable mention goes to the two Brians: Eno and Ferry (I know, I know, Ferry spells it with a "y"). And The Artist Formerly Known As The Artist Formerly Known As Prince.

MM: What made you want to go into being a musician?

KP: Watching STOP MAKING SENSE, the Talking Heads concert film, on Laserdisc when I was 13. It set my mind on fire.

MM: Where do you go to find exciting new music?

KP: iTunes Radio. Is that lame?

MM: Tell us something totally random about yourself.

KP: I could give myself a blowjob when I was 14.

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