VersA Beatz Is Addicted

Now that MADE Fashion Week is nearly upon us, we’re talking to some of the most interesting people around. Here we have "Fergivicious" producer VersA Beatz (check out his exclusive Milk Made playlist), who is collaborating with music partner Dukus Alemay to produce the show playlist for Pyer Moss for the second season in a row. This man knows his music, his burgers and his sneakers. And really, what else is there?

Milk Made: What are you into right now?

VersA Beatz: Gourmet Burgers! Especially when they are delivered straight to the studio.

MM: Who are your musical heroes?

VB: Dexter Wansel, Vangelis, they were both ahead of their times. I love spacey trippy synth ambient sounds. Swizzy and Timbaland are also two of my favourite producers. They’re both experts in drum programming, which is probably my favourite part of music production.

MM: What made you want to go into being a musician?

VB: I’m the one in class that would always tap the tables with my hands to create a drum rhythm; music and creating sounds was something I was always into at a young age. I got my hands into computer music production software at a young age, the feedback from friends made me take music production more seriously.

MM: Where do you go to find exciting new music?

VB: Soundcloud is currently my favourite place to browse, listen and also find new unsigned artists to work with.

MM: Tell us something totally random about yourself that has nothing to do with your work.

VB: I love my sneakers, 62+ pairs and counting…I think I may have an addiction!

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