Dukus Alemay: Full-Time Music Producer, Part-Time Street Fighter

Now that MADE Fashion Week is nearly upon us, we’re talking to some of the most interesting people around. Next up is South London artist/producer Dukus Alemay (check out his exclusive Milk Made playlist), who is collaborating with music partner VersA Beatz to produce the show playlist for Pyer Moss for the second season in a row. See that picture over there? That’s Dukus sitting on a crapper.

Milk Made: What are you into right now?

Dukus Alemay: For some reason, I’m trying to watch all of Robert DeNiro’s films, going through IMDB and checking off the list.

MM: Who are your musical heroes?

DA: Michael Jackson, probably the main reason I got into music, Bernard Edwards bass player for CHIC got me into funk and understanding how important the bass is. Thomas Newman, Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Timbaland made me appreciate music a lot. I spent a lot of time listening to Radiohead, Massive Attack and DJ Shadow.

MM: What made you want to go into being a musician?

DA: I played the piano since the age of 3-4. My dad was a teacher. I hated it so much growing up but found samplers and Logic in secondary/high school and just listened to a lot of ’90s hip hop. I started out singing, then making beats, rapping, whatever I thought sounded good. I always knew somehow I’d be creating music.

MM: Where do you go to find exciting new music?

DA: I like Soundcloud. Sometimes I’ll check blogs here and there, but I love it when someone shows me something new I haven’t heard before.

MM: Tell us something totally random about yourself that has nothing to do with your work.

DA: I went to Japan to play Street Fighter a few years ago. I used to play in tournaments. Yeah, I know, nerdy.

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