The Return of the Tumblr Crew: Part 1

New York Fashion Week is back and so is the Tumblr Crew! Once again, the Tumblr gods have sent us their best and most stylish. You’ll be able to catch them right here on Milk Made. Here’s the first crop of the latest class of Tumblr contributors.

Rachel Effendy & Nicole Effendy, Rachel et Nicole

Rachel and Nicole Effendy are sisters by blood and on good days, by choice. Rachel believes in the power of pink while Nicole believes in the power of, well, anything but pink. Nicole is a Gemini while Rachel is Unicorn, we mean Capricorn. Their only common ground is Rachel et Nicole, and they welcome you to their crazy world.

What about Fashion Week makes you obsessive?
Obsessively trying to catch the perfect moment and constantly trying to look effortlessly cool when we’re actually secretly shoving Kit Kats into our mouths before exiting the shows.

What would you do if you were invisible at Made FW?
We would run around in all the clothes and walk down the runway… And maybe throw in a creepy headless selfie or two. #selfieolympics #defeatsthepurpose

What’s in your trash (computer and trash can)?
Last season’s clothes. Just kidding. Uh… Empty instant noodle packets, wine bottles, coke bottles, chocolate wrappers, and an occasional fruit peel or two. Our computer trash can holds photos of suitors that did not make the cut, e.g. Prince William and Chris Hemsworth.

Chris Fenimore

Chris Fenimore is a guitar playing literature student from Brooklyn who fell in love with all things fashion photography (from editorials to headshots to streetstyle).

What about Fashion Week makes you obsessive?
The amount of travel between shows and seeing what some of my favorite people to shoot wear each day. Sometimes they wear a piece I’ve already seen totally differently than the last time and it’s those details that really gets me thinking.

What would you do if you were invisible at Made FW?
Well I like to shoot informally, and often as close to when no one’s watching as possible, so it’d really help me with the candid shots I already seek out.

What’s in your trash (computer and trash can)?
Thousands of photos. Albums I don’t listen to anymore. PDFs of secondary readings from literature courses.

Chantal Adair, NYC Street File

Chantal Adair originally moved to NYC pursing a career in modeling and has appeared in advertisement campaigns for Estée Lauder and L’Oreal. While studying at New School, Adair realized she enjoyed being on the opposite side of the camera and changed directions. She launched, NYC Street File in 2011 which documents street style globally. Her photographs have been published in Elle, Refinery29, Steve Madden, Galore Magazine, Clarins, Garage Magazine and Bullett Media.

What about Fashion Week makes you obsessive?
Fashion Week has turned into fashion month for me. Shooting for Tumblr & Elle makes me obsessive alone! I feed off my surroundings and feel the city tilt for the better. All of a sudden downtown NYC feels like a walking casting.

What would you do if you were invisible at Made FW?
I would exploit having unparalleled access to every photo opportunity humanly possible.

What’s in your trash (computer and trash can)?
Computer trash can? Anything and everything so I could make room for a whole month of photos without crashing my hard drive! Actual trash can? Glass eye ball, wax, human hair and oregano juice.

Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow.

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