The Return of the Tumblr Crew: Part 2

Part two of our intro to this year’s crop of MADEFW Tumblr Crew is in full effect! Cue the drum roll as we introduce these lovely Tumblr bloggers — and keep an eye out for them on Milk Made throughout the week. Without further ado, here are some more cool kids that you should be paying attention to.

Matthias Brown, TraceLoops

Matthias Brown is 23, and he runs several Tumblrs. TraceLoops, MuseumGIFs and Pizzaskin are his most popular. He went to SCAD Atlanta for Graphic Design and has been freelancing in varying ways since graduating. TraceLoops started as exclusive rotoscoped GIFs, but has since expanded to animation/motion experiments that combine analog and digital methods.

What about Fashion Week makes you obsessive?
I am always interested in seeing how presentations vary and how the audience reacts in the moment.

What would you do if you were invisible at Made FW?
I would take control of all the music being played, make as much of it be "September" by Earth, Wind and Fire as I could. I would also try to convince people that I was actually an invisible person, because that seems like it would actually be difficult to do if you think about it.

What’s in your trash (computer and trash can)?
Computer: Files I saved to my desktop while working on GIFs and such, mostly I had to clear out old files from my Dropbox, so those are there, a Bjork song from when she was 10 or so that’s a cover of a disco song, a picture of the Wonder Woman logo and the World Wrestling Federation logo, because I realized the WWF logo looks like a hastily drawn Wonder Woman logo.

Trash can: An 8mm short film of Keystone Kops, because it wasn’t cut correctly and won’t take on my projector — but I needed an empty reel, so it’s not a total loss — microwavable frozen food containers, paper towels.

Micaiah Carter

Micaiah Carter is a New York City based photographer. He is originally from Southern California and has been pursing photography since 2007. He is always simple and dynamic in his approach to photographs – telling stories and capturing moments. Micaiah Carter is currently attending Parsons The New School studying mixed media.

What about Fashion Week makes you obsessive?
Fashion Week is all about experiencing new and exciting shows / designers and basically seeing the future to the latest trends for fashion, visuals and more. I love being able to see so many mediums combined in one each and every awesome show.

What would you do if you were invisible at Made FW?
If I was invisible at Made FW – I would probably be able to capture more natural moments between the models backstage or just everyone in general!

What’s in your trash (computer and trash can)?
In my trash can there’s a lot of Chipotle bags, never can have too much of that. On my computer I have all my embarrassing pictures from my photo booth.

Sam Cannon

Sam Cannon is a photo/video artist based in New York. She got really into blogging her freshman year at RIT, where she is currently finishing up a degree in Fine Art Photography. For now she’s just counting down the days until graduation and trying to figure out what she want to be when she grows up. Oh! And she really like gifs.

What about Fashion Week makes you obsessive?
Definitely the fact that this is my first time attending. I want to experience as much as possible, really take it all in. This will be the week that gets me hooked, and know I’ll be coming back for more.

What would you do if you were invisible at Made FW?
I don’t know… I couldn’t see myself doing that.

What’s in your trash (computer and trash can)?
I don’t let anything marinate in my computer trash: when it’s over it’s over. As for my real trash, it may or may not be full of (empty) family size boxes of mac & cheese… A lady never tells.

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