Runway Review: Chromat FW14/15

The future is here, as far as I can tell—that’s even our motto at MADE this week. Futurism is a trend that’s popping up all over the place, and it’s kind of interesting if you think about it. Since we still don’t have universal health care and free college tuition, I assume we’re still in the past. Still, based on what I’ve seen thus far at Made Fashion Week, I guess we’re living in the now.

As strange as it sounds, I’ve never seen a runway show that embodies that past and present duality quite like Chromat’s "BIONIC BODIES" collection. According to the designer Becca McCharen, the collection “tells a story of a love affair between a human and a robotic being,” which is something I imagine would completely alter my failed love life. And as we mentioned briefly here at Milk Made earlier this week, Spike Jonze’s new movie “Her”—about a man falling in love with an operating system—has probably blown up for a reason: zeitgeist.

Chromat uses structural experiments to explore the architecture of the human body as it is, but also subverts the modesty of Victorian crinolines through bondage that’s reminiscent of the original version of "Bladerunner." Past and future colliding spectacularly; bypassing the present. Think about that. Actually, think about sculpted, midnight blue velvet cutaway body hugging velvet dresses-I loved them. Think intelligent eroticism. Think Helmut Newton women dressing for themselves and the future, rather than to titillate clichéd male sexual preoccupations. Think chrome armored bras, predatory glamorous gladiators and sheer fabrics that both expose and hide the skin. How are you supposed to explain that? You can’t. And neither can you explain in words the poetry of a black Bauhaus trapeze-shaped minimal cage dress that bathed the model’s naked body in flickering cyber blue light. My mind is blown right now.

Photography by Koury Angelo

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