Hair Dressing's Best Kept Secret - James Pecis

Northern California native James Pecis is one of the quiet ones. In this wonderful crazy industry of fashion – full of larger-than-life personalities and color – he is a more of a sepia-toned poet. Ironically, his first foray working with hair was playing with color on his friends’ heads back west. Growing up, he was instinctively drawn to hair as a creative medium to play with, in a way that many hairdressers in this business aren’t. For him, it is not about obvious glamour, making a statement for the sake of it. Often subconsciously inspired by music, he works completely intuitively, responding in an organic way to how a model might be dressed, or the schizophrenic mood boards of visual references that are the jumping off point for any project.

I always think that when it comes to the world of beauty, make up artists are the painters and hair dressers are the sculptors. But James is both. He is the Jasper Johns of the hair world. Having slogged his way through the usual rigmarole of assisting major names in the business, he broke out on his own, and went on to become the first of his ilk to work exclusively on an entire issue of French Vogue. His roster of photographic collaborators reads like a Who’s Who of the industry – Patrick Demarchelier, Mert and Marcus, Mario Testino, Inez and Vinoodh among others.

So this season, in our celebration of the artists in fashion, it only made sense to follow James during the week in conjunction with Keep an eye out for his daily diary postings featuring incredible photography by Tim O’Malley, where we’ll see the inside and outside of his working life, as he brings the visions to life of designers showing this season.


Photography by Tim O’Malley

Photo direction by Erick Ruales



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