The Tumblr Crew Won’t Stop: Part 1

MADE Fashion Week is in full swing, folks. Do you desperately need a full night’s sleep? Too bad! We’re just in the thick of things and our Tumblr Crew has been here at Milk Studios to capture every majestic moment. Sit back, relax and witness the glory that was the Peter Som and Costello Tagliapietra runway shows through the eyes of our featured guests.

Matthias Brown: "My camera lens isn’t very fast, so I’m enjoying the movement that comes about from the images. Typically I shoot still things, or outdoors, so the exposure isn’t as much of a complication in taking the photograph. I’m trying to push the movement on the runway as much as I can. I am enjoying seeing shows from different perspectives and how I can capture various elements of the experiences from those varying viewpoints."

Micaiah Carter: I have to say that I am really still in shock because of all the amazing visuals placed in each show – I really enjoyed the Peter Som and Costello Tagliapietra shows. It was really great seeing all the models backstage before and them in action. I’m really looking forward the rest of the week!

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