Bell Bottoms and Angelic Simplicity at Nellie Partow

Californian Nellie Partow designs for that moment when you’ve finished grooming yourself for work and are now standing in front of your closet; 10 minutes behind schedule and fed up with the entire concept of assembling an outfit. For Fall 2014, each of Partow’s 14 looks would work straight out of the box: a camel suit with bell-bottom pants paired with a sugar pink wisp for a blouse for your big presentation; a big cowl-y turtleneck and pin-neat navy silk trousers for a stray Saturday at the office; or a gray shift that darts in at the waist but skims casually over the hips to meet a client. A slinky pajama set in white, with an angled zipper at the neck giving a little how-do-you-do, was fit for an angel who needs to sell something, while a staunch navy silk kept a little smock dress from getting too sweet. Partow’s rusty leather jacket with shearling lining and a brace-like collar would be a small weekend wardrobe miracle—you could wear it every Saturday and never sour on it. At a time when office wear is more often business cavalier, Partow’s easy togetherness is a fresh sigh of relief.

Photography by Koury Angelo, Chris Swainston and Joe Marquez

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