Gypsy Mutations and Gold Treasure at Suno

SUNO duo Erin Beatty and Max Osterweis’ skills lie in a kaleidoscope of contrasting custom prints and textures: Their woman is a resolute free spirit but plays on proportions and controlled silhouettes that pull it back from anything contrived. This season, the MADE alumni designers were inspired by Scottish photographer Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert’s 1990s photographs of Romanian gypsies. Sutton-Hibbert spent more than a decade documenting the nomadic Roma people’s social transformations and their procurement of wealth; selling scrap metal, and trading in their tents for houses and horses for cars. 

The idea of an gypsy upgrading to newfound wealth made for a poetic metaphor that was sustained throughout the collection, which mixed rigorous graphic patterns in a minimal color palette. A multicolored striped theme appeared, too: a collarless coat dress was worn with a pleated maxi-skirt and an eye-catching layered patchwork dress over another pleated skirt. 

The other thing that jumped out as the show opened was a treasure chest’s worth of gold, as a nod to the scrap metal and upgrade to cars. Beauty-wise, it was all gold-on-gold—nails, eye-shadow, an accent on the lips—even creeping into the hair parting, courtesy of legendary French hairstylist Odile Gilbert.

Photography by Koury Angelo

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