The Tumblr Crew Won't Stop: Part 3

Here in the office, we may or may not need sleep. We may or may not be running on caffeine and chia pods—yes, chia pods. But somehow our Tumblr Crew has been navigating the shows, the AMEX Lounge and the parties with an exuberance that makes us envious. They’ve even gotten some great street style photos. So while we try to find out what they’re taking, check out these images with highlights from Public School and Tim Coppens.

Chantal Adair: Favorite thing about being part of the Tumblr team has been meeting models backstage, breaking the ice outside, and shooting them. I’ve been beyond excited having access to all the Milk shows, but I spend most of my time outside. I’m super thrilled to be shooting Jeremy Scott backstage!

Chris Fenimore: Yesterday, I’d like to think we witnessed the beginnings of a long and successful mainstream career for Maxwell Osbourne and Dao-Yi Chow at their debut runway show for Public School. Later on I drank champagne with Pusha-T in the Lexus Lounge. Then I saw yet another incredible show from Tim Coppens–always a perfect blend of tailored and technical. I threw some globe-printed rubber balls at some models at the Highland presentation, Peroni in hand. Never a dull moment at MADE Fashion Week.

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