Daniel Arsham Nailed It

This season, Milk brought contemporary artist Daniel Arsham on board to inject some of his artistic—and overall—genius into MADE Fashion Week. Last night, we celebrated the much-anticipated Daniel Arsham X Chris Stamp t-shirt collaboration at Milk Studios, which is being sold at cult Parisian store Colette—the first and last word in what fashion makes the grade—plus a gang of other retailers.

Milk Made: Tell us about your collaboration with one another for this t-shirt.

Daniel Arsham: This collaboration takes three paintings that I made for an exhibition in Paris in 2009. I have known Chris for a long time, and we have always talked about working together. This sort of developed naturally from our friendship, and him looking at pieces of my work—trying to decide what was the best thing for us to do together. The attention to detail that I think I pay in my work he does in his, and I think we are similarly attentive. I think he did a great job translating these.

Chris Stamp: Daniel and I met about a year and a half ago, and we’d been talking about doing something collectively as our aesthetics align. He does a lot of black and white—as do I—but in clothing. We wanted to find a synergy that represented both of what we do.

MM: Are you pleased with the result?

CS: 100 percent. I think the t-shirts came out great. It’s a good representation of what Daniel is doing as an artist. I think it is step one as to what we have the potential of doing moving forward.

MM: Will you do anything else together moving forward?

CS: We are talking about it.

MM: Where will this t-shirt be sold?

DA: Colette, RSVP and

MM: What do you have planned for this fashion week? Any set designs for MADE Fashion Week shows?

DA: With Snarkitecture, my design practice, we designed Public School’s runway. We are also doing En Noir’s—the MADE FW alum—runway show at the Park Avenue Armory.

CS: Just my hotel room, and really good restaurants. I went to the Public School show this morning, which was amazing—two of my really good friends. And I will be at Milk watching shows all week.

MM: What was your favorite show so far?

CS: Public School.

MM: What so far has been the biggest hit for you workwise this season?

DA: Working with Public School was definitely really exciting—it was also the first time we worked with them. En Noir, I think, will be an epic scale this year. But for me it is always exciting to do something directly that is my work.

MM: What are you looking forward to for the rest of the week?

CS: Less snow!

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