Rebel With a Cause at Pyer Moss

Sharp is a word that comes to mind when discussing designer Kerby Jean-Raymond’s Fall/Winter 2014/15 collection for Pyer Moss—and I’m not just talking about the clothing lines. Set against a spliced mirror backdrop created by set designer One Powerful Mind’s Edgar Bolanos, the inspiration behind this collection was an obscure tribe of 19th-century samurais known as the Shizoku.

In reality, the samurai drama was only a jumping-off point that gave the collection an original point of view and the odd interesting detail: jagged printed double-faced neoprene sweatshirts resembled slices inflicted by a sword, and there was a dress shirt decorated in tiny daggers.

Otherwise, it was largely a play on casual versus formal, and these pieces will be popular with retailers thanks to an overall wearability. A slight bad boy attitude came from tailored staples such as sport coats paired with laid-back leather track pants, or a gasoline-treated biker jacket that was paired with Gore-Tex pants. Overall, the collection called to mind a latter-day James Dean after he had smoked a joint in Brooklyn—even if he does occasionally pick up the odd vintage comic while filming in the outskirts of Tokyo.

Photography by Koury Angelo and Chris Swainston

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