Behind The Scenes With James Pecis: Part 2

"Today we made our way to the Siki Im show—my only men’s show during NYFW and one which I look forward to every season. My relationship with Siki and David Vanderwal is unique and valued. I usually talk with them weeks before the show and get a detailed synopsis of the character we will portray and in previous years; start some prep. It is a family environment and many of the models return each season. When it comes to putting together a show, Siki has never been held back by fear. The looks are usually impactful and the story behind the collection runs deep. The last few years have usually ended with my team shampooing out the boys hair after the show in the bathroom sink. I was once reprimanded by a booker for painting the boys heads…and it didn’t come out. Siki and David encourage open creativity in a positive way, and I feel very much at home working in the madness backstage."

Read Part 1 of Pecis’ series here.


Photography by Tim O’Malley

Photo direction by Erick Ruales



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