BRTHR Directs Foster The People's "Coming Of Age"

Almost everything in life can be improved with a judiciously chosen slice of the ’80s, and LEGS director team BRTHR (Alex Lee and Kyle Wightman) have spliced in the best of the decade—Top Gun motorcycle rides, Rocky title bouts and high school hijinks—into their new "Coming of Age" music video for Foster The People. Milk Made tracked down the young directors to get their take on their latest lo-fi, high-octane masterpiece.

Milk Made: There’s some clear inspiration from the ’80s in the video for "Coming of Age." What’s your favorite ’80s movie?

BRTHR: The feel of the music combined with shooting on 16mm, we felt like creating an ’80s vibe in the styling and production design would be a natural and aesthetically pleasing choice.

Kyle: I’ve always been a big fan of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Alex: Going to step in with the same answer, Ferris Bueller, haha. It’s so legendary. I also really dig Do the Right Thing.

MM: What was it like working with Foster the People?

BRTHR: It was a really great experience working with Mark, Cubbie and Pontius. They’re awesome dudes. During this past summer, we met with Mark and spent some time talking about his inspiration for the record and were able to listen to a bunch of new tracks. Inspired, we wrote a treatment for "Coming of Age" and spent the next several months working with the band to fine tune our overall concept. They’re super involved with the creative process, but definitely gave us the freedom to create something that was our vision for the song. I think what surprised us most was that even though they’re such a massive band, they have no ego at all—super down to earth. We loved that.

MM: How and why did the song "Coming of Age" influence the way you made the video?

BRTHR: When we first heard the song, it instantly felt like we had heard it before. There was something really nostalgic about it and that felt powerful to us. From the beginning, we knew we wanted to shoot this on 16mm to create something that felt throwback and timeless like the song. Both of us have always been interested in coming-of-age movies and novels, so this felt like the perfect opportunity to make something that was more narrative based and inspired by the theme of growing up.

MM: What are your favorite music videos that you haven’t filmed, and why do you like them?

BRTHR: "Song 2" by Blur is one of the coolest videos out there, and we love it because the idea is so simple yet the video is incredibly memorable, iconic, and powerful. The Shoes’ "Time to Dance" video by Daniel Wolfe is also one of our favorites. Jake Gyllenhaal is amazing in it. Not only that, but we absolutely love the grit in it, and the pacing of the edit is perfect in our opinion. Tom Lindsay is the guy who edited that, and videos he edits tend to be really great as well—like the Major Lazer "Get Free" video.

MM: What was the most fun part of making this video?

BRTHR: This was our first time working in California so that was a really special experience in and of itself. The vibe and atmosphere of the West Coast is extremely energizing and fun. Working with so many talented people on this video was absolutely incredible and inspiring for us as well. Also, working with Shawn Kim, our DP was just a great experience overall. We truly felt like we were on the exact same page, same wave length—everything came out how we saw it.

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