Kooky Coincidence at Timo Weiland

Just prior to the Timo Weiland show, I read a gripping story about a pair of glamorous Korean identical twin girls separated at birth who found each other by chance online. They are now constantly connected; sharing their lives virtually between two continents.

It got me thinking how today’s social media lovers randomly connect via happenstance to share lifestyles and cultural tastes into an increasingly integrated global community. This is how the Timo Weiland collective operate—three designers under one umbrella whose lifestyle directly informs their line. They travel together, connect with musicians who inspire them and communicate with their global followers.

The show kicked off to Camille Yarbrough’s track “Take Yo’ Praise,” whose opening lyrics—"We’ve come a long, long way together/through the hard times and the good" echo the evolution of the Weiland collective themselves. As we mentioned in our Milk Made profile yesterday, they came together by chance through various, fragmented encounters.

The clothes were, as always, targeted at their own friends and their wider collective, and this collection’s woman was a downtown kooky hipster-style rebel. She could be fresh out of college; schoolgirl references included a pinafore dress over a white buttoned up shirt, and varsity sweaters. Barring a few relaxed pants and various tops—a hit being metallic leather t-shirts—they focused mainly on skirts in all guises: knee- length with cheeky front slits, pleated minis, fluttery below the knee, trapeze shapes and pencil. Counterbalancing the skirts’ femininity, brogues by footwear designer John Fluevog ran throughout as platform creepers or standard flats, with a couple of metallic loafers thrown in for good measure. Prints abounded, too, in Bridget Riley-esque monochrome graphics and intricate multi-color checks.

When this girl goes out at night to hang with the Weiland gang—who DJ together after work—she upgrades to fringed dresses and polka dot fur rabbit dresses that retain the offbeat hipster vibe. The brand have indeed "come a long, long way together": Today’s collection was well-edited, consistent and a confident expression of one vision that will appeal to a fashion-conscious youth on multiple continents. We award them and their girl a first-class honors degree for bang-on style.

Photography by Koury Angelo, Andrew Boyle, Joe Marquez and Chris Swainston

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