Farewell to the Tumblr Crew

Ohne Titel / Matthias Brown
Jeremy Scott / Matthias Brown
Harbison / Matthias Brown
Jeremy Scott / Rachel and Nicole Effendy
Jeremy Scott / Rachel and Nicole Effendy
Ostwald Helgason / Rachel and Nicole Effendy
Timo Weiland / Rachel and Nicole Effendy
Sophie Theallet / Micaiah Carter
Sophie Theallet / Micaiah Carter
Backstage at Ohne Titel / Micaiah Carter
Public School / Micaiah Carter
ATL Twins / Micaiah Carter
Hood by Air / Sam Cannon
Jeremy Scott / Sam Cannon
Backstage at Timo Weiland / Sam Cannon
Ohne Titel / Sam Cannon

It’s been real, folks. The strobe lights are off, and everyone is recovering from their after party hangovers. MADE Fashion Week has come to an end, and our Tumblr Crew can finally rest. Well, after they show us their highlights from their time at Milk Studios. There was voguing. There were models in jock straps. Even the ATL Twins made an appearance. Check out the best from MADEfw through the lens of the Tumblr Crew.

Matthias Brown: My experience at Made Fashion Week has been interesting, insightful and a mixture of fulfilled expectations and unexpected surprises. I had never attended anything similar before and had to quickly learn how to approach what I was seeing. I wanted to capture something different than anything I’ve seen for fashion week, hopefully I did. I think I did. It all happened very quickly and was sort of a blur, so are most of the GIFs and photos I produced.

Rachel and Nicole: Spending this season at Milk has been such an exciting and enriching journey for us. We loved working with other photographers (Andy Boyle, Chris Swainston, Steven Stone, Koury Angelo) from whom we have learned so much and opened us to so many new ideas about photography. One of our favorite things about photographing a show is capturing "first looks." It’s an amazing feeling when you are within such close proximity with the models and the clothes that are just about to hit the runway. The intimacy is beautiful, and we try to show that through our photographs.

Micaiah Carter: My experience at MADE Fashion Week was an amazing one, I still can’t believe it’s over! I really enjoyed seeing how much hard work and creativity is taken into each and every show and it will really inspire me for my own shoots as well. I am also happy that I got to photograph and take my own spin on the Fashion Week experience. Another thing that I also enjoyed at MADE was the presentations that always had me speechless. I have to say my favorite one has to be Highland and also I loved getting my photo taken with i-D Magazine!

Sam Cannon: This week has been a nonstop whirlwind full of beauty, sweat, and adrenaline. All the shows were so inspiring and incredible to shoot. My poor laptop can’t handle anymore fashion, and I’m feeling pretty beat too. It’s been an amazing experience though and I can’t wait to be back for more. Shooting my first fashion week was a fun challenge that I definitely learned a lot from. I can’t thank Tumblr or Milk enough for having me on board.

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