The ATL Twins on Triplets, Tattoos and Leonardo DiCaprio

We saw the ATL Twins all week at shows and parties. We’ve read about them sharing girls, beds, clothes, and basically being the same person all over the Internet. But we really wanted to get on the phone with them and ask them a few random questions about their lives and fashion, and to try and figure out which twin we were talking to. Turns out we were talking to both—they only have one phone!

Milk Made: Why do you love Hood By Air?

ATL Twins: It’s just dope, I dunno. It’s cool. You know, like, next level. We’re not really into the over-the-top freaky stuff, but we like the more simple basic stuff.

MM: Who would be your dream/unexpected creative collaborator?

AT: Mark Gonzalez. And in fashion, Marc Jacobs. He’s just dope.

MM: What would heaven look like, and what would hell look like?

AT: Heaven would be like the feeling painkillers or heroin give you. You would just be chilling, like a constant feeling of being like that at all times, and it never wearing off ever. And a good buzz, and certain fun things happening. Hell is doing the same thing over and over every single day.

MM: Who are your musical heroes?

AT: Frankie Lymon, A$AP Rocky and Gucci Mane.

MM: Who are your musical pet hates? For example, what would make your switch the radio off?

AT: Anything poppy, corny and mainstream. We like underground stuff.

MM: Do you ever disagree on music between the two of you?

AT: No, we don’t. We always like the same stuff. We know when we both like something. It’s weird. When we hear something for the first time, we know if we love it or not. And when we find a song that we like, we listen to it over and over and over.

MM: What other things annoy you—like waiting in line, attitude from bartenders? Anything—the more random the better.

AT: Door guys are annoying. We hate door guys. They’re just assholes. We never have a problem getting in, but it’s always “Man, I have friends, sorry. Let them in,” and they never want to, and I don’t like that at all. Why can’t we just hang out with our friends, and enjoy the night? It’s bullshit.

MM: Who are some of your cultural heroes?

AT: Harmony Korine and Quentin Tarantino.

MM: Who would star as the hero(s) in the movie of your lives?

AT: Ourselves!

MM: Who would you be most proud to be watched by on-screen?

AT: Leonardo DiCaprio.

MM: Where do you buy your clothes?

AT: We don’t buy clothes. We just get everything for free, which is amazing.

MM: What brands are you given?

AT: High-end street wear, high-end fashion, and anything we want. It’s pretty amazing.

MM: What other culture do you engage in—art shows, films, gigs/concerts?

AT: We go out a lot during fashion week, to shows and parties…Rochambeau, HBA, Telfar, Opening Ceremony, Jeremy Scott shows…

MM: Who is on your kill list?

AT: Who would we kill? Let me think about that. I don’t think I want to kill anybody to be honest with you. We would wanna kill someone that would cause any harm to anybody we love. I would wanna kill them then.

MM: What plastic surgery would you get if you were ordered to get it? 

AT: We wouldn’t want to get any plastic surgery. We wouldn’t want to change our face or anything.

MM: Who is your one phone call from prison? 

AT: An attorney, a good friend of ours. Not the one we work with, but another one. He is called Joe Habachy.

MM: The most expensive thing you own? 

AT: We have some rings, some jewelry, and maybe some Gucci leather jackets…

MM: What is your vice/ drug of choice?

AT: Painkillers, but unfortunately we can’t take them anymore cause we had a problem with them. We just drink. And girls.

MM: What would you be doing if you weren’t doing what you do now?

AT: Dealing drugs.

MM: What are the things that you are bad at?

AT: Gambling, maybe. Drinking water and getting healthy.

MM: Tell me about your tattoos.

AT: The first tattoos we ever got are mirrored tattoos, because one of us is left-handed and the other is right-handed. Then we have a tattoo Harmony Korine designed; it means a lot to us. We have a Mark Gonzalez drawing tattooed, too.

MM: Who would be your ideal girlfriend to share?

AT: Rihanna.

MM: What is your interest in fashion? Or are you just there for the women?

AT: No, no. We really do love fashion. And we have always been into fashion. Especially into high fashion. We think it’s dope.

MM: Would you have sex with triplets, or other twins?

AT: Yes. Yes.

MM: Would you share them, too?

AT: Yes.

MM: Would you marry another set of twins?

AT: Maybe. They would have to be amazing. But if it was right, we would. Definitely.

Photography by Koury Angelo

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