Pussycat Riot at The Blonds

The cat is the supreme fashion avatar for the modern gal. They’re sleek, sexy and can fuck you up with the swat of a paw. Think about it: Catwoman made mincemeat out of Batman with little more than her body, boots and a whip. That divine feline made the purr-fect muse for The Blonds’ FW/14 collection, shown at MADE fashion week last night.

The queens—in all senses of the word—of NYC nightlife were assembled for the ceremony. Party empress Susanne Bartsch, gatekeeper Kenny Kenny, and superstar transsexual Amanda Lepore held court front and center—as well all the other club personas who’ve kept myself and the rest of New York drunk and laid for the past quarter century. The amazing Laverne Cox of "Orange Is The New Black" frantically snapped photos of every look, as did a reportedly pregnant Lil’ Kim. The sound system blared Siouxsie and the Banshees until the lights went out; then, lightning cracked, Michelle Pfeiffer’ meowed and a Gotham City spectacular began.

One half of The Blonds, a masked Phillipe, opened the show in a black crystal-covered number with a bejeweled bullwhip. The catwalk was soon one giant scratching post of slinky looks, with feral models in long blond Vulcan hair prowling before us—all doing their best Eartha Kitt. The bustier-clad girls camping it up brought to mind George Michael’s classic “Too Funky” video. Highlights were the furry black lurex sweater dress, Bob Mackie-esque body suits sequined within an inch of their lives, and a skintight white gown with the Joker’s sneer on the chest. The super sexy cat o’ nine tails black number that will surely be seen on Miley Cyrus any day now.

The Blonds don’t so much "design" clothes—that seems too banal a description of their craft. They really create shimmering superhero uniforms; such is their transformative effect on a woman’s body. Since Hollywood is reportedly finally making a "Wonder Woman" movie, they better call Phillipe and David Blond immediately. With their brash outrageous sexuality, they are a campier, crazier Thierry Mugler—certainly not for the shrinking violet. No wonder Beyonce and J. Lo swear by them. Thankfully, the Blonds design outside the cat box.

Photography by Andrew Boyle, Joe Marquez and Chris Swainston

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