The Blonds Have More Fun With Scott Ewalt

You probably already know this designer duo have a LOT of fun—get a taste of it at our article on last night’s runway show here. One of their camp members is the multi-talented artist and DJ Scott Ewalt. To the left, cast your eye over this selection of some of their killer show invites he has designed over several seasons. We also love that he made a cameo appearance in Matthew Barney‘s cult movie The Cremester Cycle. Ewalt also happens to be one of fashion’s favorite DJs—he has been in-house for club The Cock, an after-hours style mecca, (and created the neon rooster that crows outside the entrance),in addition to playing for Thierry Mugler and Hugo Boss. Ewalt shares his current top tracks with us, which you can download here via Spotify—some of which the models had fun of their own marching to last night.

Milk Made: How and when did you become an artist and DJ?

Scott Ewalt: An artist is something only someone else can call you, but I’ve been making images my whole life and have been showing in galleries since I was in college. I started DJing when I became tired of dance music in the late 80s. My first experience working on fashion shows was in 1989 when Thierry Mugler let me add a few novelty songs to his collection. I’ve done over 100 fashion shows since.

MM: What is the most interesting piece of art you have ever made? 

SE: I had a show last spring named "Back in the Night," and the pieces for that are my favorite so far.

MM: What was the most fun event you ever DJed for? 

SE: That’s a long list, but Kenny Scharf and I do a party called the Cosmic Cavern. He created a black light nightclub in his basement and a DJ booth for me, and I get to play psychedelic disco and 60s dance songs. 

MM: How and why do you choose your music for The Blonds show?

SE: When they told me the theme this season I was super excited. We decided to create a soundtrack with dozens of sound effects and music with a good walking cadence for the models, and it’s full of humor and glamor.

MM: What are your faults?

SE: Taking well-intentioned editing advice.

MM: What do you collect? 

SE: I’m fascinated by anything that defines punk sexuality.

MM: What do you love about Fashion Week? 

SE: I’m lucky because I always work with friends, and we have a great time making shows that are escapist, colorful and generally against the dull zeitgeist. 

MM: How long have you been working with The Blonds? What do you love about it? 

SE: I think this is our 11th season. I’ve been involved with the music or the images all along, but Aaron Cobbett and Wilson Sound also contributed to earlier shows.

MM: Tell me about The Blonds.

SE: We met through Mao PR, who I love like brothers, and immediately got along. We are all interested in femme fatales, Disney villains, comic book imagery and the glossy, glitter-soaked seventies. 

MM: Where do you get your creative inspiration from? 

SE: My friends are my main inspiration, but I’m obsessed with outsiders from history that had a strong visual presence like Siouxsie Sioux, Tura Satana and Tana Louise.

MM: If you had to take your pick, what would you wear of theirs?

SE: Well they don’t make men’s clothes, but I love seeing the beaded catsuits and corsets on their collections. 

Photography by Scott Ewalt

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