Fadeaway Records Gets By With A Lot of Help From Their F*cking Friends

I met Michael Dubin (just "Dubin" to his friends), photographer and all-around great guy, nearly three years ago in New York. Instantly, we became great friends. Dubin has a way of giving you his full and undivided attention and is great at constantly reminding you what a "great dude" you are. His superhuman likability is exactly how he has found his way into the lives of so many fantastic artists and musicians.

The first concert Dubin ever took me to was Dashboard Confessional. The 16-year-old inside of me was freaking out, while the 29-year-old me was pretending not to care as we waltzed backstage into the dressing room to see Dubin’s old friend Chris Carrabba. Later, Dubin took me to go see and meet Brand New, another band I grew up idolizing. At the time, I had no idea that Dubin was a very well- connected guy in the New York tri-state area. A few years back when bands like The Get Up Kids, Taking Back Sunday and Saves The Day were first starting to tour, Dubin helped host and put on tours for many bands in that realm of music. He also had a record label entitled Fadeaway Records. Fadeaway was doing its best to continuously support and put out records for indie bands. Some of these bands made it pretty big in their respective scene and Dubin, being the super-best-friend that he is, stayed in touch with everyone throughout the years and helped support them in any way that he could.

In the last 10 years, life and his adorable daughter have taken Dubin away from releasing records through Fadeaway—until now.

Fadeaway Records 10: Friends is a compilation album that marks the first release from Fadeaway in 10 years. It carries an array of rare and unreleased tracks from indie rock artists like Manchester Orchestra, Motion City Soundtrack and Hot Rod Circuit. The album is full of great names covering songs by The Weakerthans, Elliott Smith and Broken Social Scene, to name a few. The best thing about the album is that all proceeds will go to cancer research. This is a poignant issue for Dubin, who lost his own father in 2002 to cancer.

Dubin and Fadeaway have been cool enough to share four of the tracks from the album with Milk Made. The full album is available for download here, or you can purchase a vinyl version of the record that features artwork from Myles Karr and our good buddy Travis Millard here. The vinyl’s will begin shipping out the first week of March.


Art by Amy Fleisher

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