Director Lewis Meyer returns after Metatropic to debut F1LL TH3 V01D, a short film created from a place of varied inspiration—think cloud formations, FUBU and tequila. We sat down with Lewis to find out more of the magic behind the video.

Milk Made: What’s the story behind the title?

Lewis Meyer: F1LL TH3 V01D is in many ways the antithesis of contrived, brand-integrated fashion content. It pays homage to a fascinating sub-cultural dialogue—the notion of Ghe20 Goth1k, coined by DJ Venus X. I quickly realized it was easy to create with what I already had: a $16 bottle of tequila, my parents’ driveway in Chicago, and my teenage muse Ryan Feeley. When it came to styling, sleek hip-hop cues, middle American FUBU meets crystal meth vibes, and Anglo-Saxon hyper grunge all began to mesh into one cohesive goth palette. It became a battle between Kanye‘s Givenchy leather trousers and Garbage‘s 1995 song, "Only Happy When it Rains."

MM: All of the components of the video flow so well together. I’m curious to know what you started with—what was your creative process?

LM: Back in early December I was on a flight headed to Art Basel, listening to Total Fitness‘ track "Bop Til You Drop" on repeat. En route, I became mesmerized by the pristine cloud formations, and I shot a ton of images 30,000 feet above Florida—creating the glitched-out plethora of cloud formations you see behind Ryan in the video.

MM: Dancing and movement are such strong parts of the video. Did you demonstrate the moves you wanted, or leave it up to the model?

LM: My sister plays the striped pants role, mostly because she and I took years of tap and jazz classes as kids. With Ryan, we basically got inebriated while I walked him through how to twerk like a robot.

MM: I love the cameo appearance by the dog. Whose is it?

LM: My grandfather’s dog, Willy.

MM: What do you think would surprise viewers most about this video and the process of creating it?

LM: Probably the fact that I spent about $63 dollars total on the video, including clothes, the Seamless, and the tequila.

Directed by Lewis Meyer

Other films and photography at LEWISMEYER.US

Follow Lewis on Instagram @lewismeyer

Starring: Ryan Feeley, Madalyn Meyer and Willy the Dog
Music: Total Fitness, "Bop Til You Drop"
Special Thanks: Amar Mitra, Gene Meyer and flexible return policies

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