Milk Gallery to Debut Peter Arnell Retrospective

When Peter Arnell first began taking photographs more than 30 years ago, he used a 35mm Instamatic. “I was very interested in the whole process of shooting and developing pictures,” he says. “Up until about five years ago, I was still shooting on the 35mm film.” But as photographic technology improved, his process changed: “The technical improvements have allowed me to grab things on the go much more,” Arnell says. “My photography has moved from the studio and these very controlled environments, and is now more about capturing the currency of street life and street culture.”

The iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or HTC—all three of which he carries at all times—have now become Arnell’s weapons of choice when it comes to observing and recording the world around him. The photographer’s spontaneous approach is visible throughout the exhibit—PHOTOGRAPHS 1984 – 2014 PETER ARNELL—most notably in his perfectly imperfect blurred images. Often taken at night, Arnell’s favorite time to shoot, the photos capture the vitality of city life: flashing lights, crowded sidewalks and busy streets. “I love blurry pictures,” he says. “It almost feels like there is life in the picture. Like you’re there.”

PHOTOGRAPHS 1984 – 2014 by PETER ARNELL will run in the Milk Gallery from March 5 through April 1.

Read more about Arnell’s upcoming retrospective here.

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