Opening Night: Mel Kadel's 'Tied Up'

Mel Kadel is having a great 2014. Her art adorns the cover of the February issue of Juxtapoz Magazine. Inside the magazine, Kadel answered questions from Travis Millard, an fantastic artist that knows Kadel and her work extremely well (we had the chance to meet up with both artists at the home they share in Echo Park last year). On top of that, Kadel just opened the door to her latest exhibition entitled "Tied Up" at Merry Karnowsy Gallery in Los Angeles at the beginning of this month.

Kadel builds on her work, taking privileges with some of the characters and imagery that we have seen in her past paintings. Long, winding tubes that have served as inanimate objects (a.k.a. duck vomit) when we saw them in the past glean life-like qualities. The coiling material creates human image, complete with floating eyeballs in the painting entitled Orbital B. The colorful strings fondle themselves around two familiar characters in Kadel’s Friendship Bracelet.

You do not want to miss the opportunity to have a close up view of these paintings, each of them painted on hand stained paper with the edges torn and ripped. Mel’s meticulous hands sketches thin "catepillar leg" sized lines for the shading inside the seemingly never ending winding tubes. This process must have taken the artist a mind-numbing amount of time that looks like it was as much fun as untangling headphone cords for hours and hours.

Although the show is open for public viewing now, the opening reception will be held on Saturday March 8th. For more details about the gallery and Mel Kadel’s artwork, visit Merry Karnowsky Gallery’s website.

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