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1/7 — Photo by Andrew Boyle



Heavy Medal: The IPOD Olympic Gold Party

Here at Milk we’re rather fond of snowboarding (a gross understatement) and after watching our friend Iouri Podladtchikov (aka IPOD) win Olympic gold after a storming performance on the half pipe in Sochi, we decided to throw him a party. And what a party it was.

Iouri and his good friend Ruben Cassiano (who flew in from Paris for the occasion) DJ’d from the dark stage whilst the Milk JamRoom turned into a pulsing dance floor for the crowd of models, rockers and athletes enjoying the open bar and relaxed smoking laws. It’s situations like this that result in all the lights being turned out and the ’90s rave classics being turned up—loud. At the peak of the night, our old friend Shaun White appeared to congratulate Iouri with two balloons, an F and a U! Shaun’s good sportsmanship was un-rivaled that night and after a brief pause the party restarted full swing because this crowd knows that you only live once.

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