MAYa: We Shall Not Disappear - Directed by Sebastian Mlynarski

Musician Maya Hardinge, A.K.A. MAYa, recently released the new music video for her song We Shall Not Disappear and it will leave your mouth watering. The deliciously sensual (I know… I know… that’s enough with mixing the food and sexual descriptives) by director Sebastian Mlynarski (who has also directed videos for MADE designer Katie Gallagher in the past) is as effortless in its presentation as it is alluring. As soon as we were done watching the video we were left with one simple question… "What the fuck?"

So we sat down with the director and musician so they could help us get the WTF’ing answer to our question.

Milk Made: OK… so we would have loved to have been there to hear you pitch this concept. What did you tell MAYa when you were first talking about making this video?

Sebastian Mlynarski: I told Maya that I have been collecting Maurizio Cattelan’s magazine "Toilet Paper" and that I wanted to do something that was grotesque, funny and dark all at the same time. I also told her that I was interested in various beauty regimens and how they might appear to other species. I wanted to explore the rituals of changing one’s appearance and to use the very thing that women often find both desirable and is the root of their unhappiness – food.

MM: So what’s the common denominator between everything inside the video?

SM: The common denominator ultimately is sex. We make ourselves pretty, go through these painful regimens, we diet, we work out then we go out and try to attract a mate. In some ways we are not very different from other animals, except that we often do this at our own expense.

MM: The lighting creeps us out. It’s bright and colorful but it also makes everything feel creepy. What gives?

SM: I wanted everything to feel very artificial and removed from its context. I wanted to bring colored lights into nature and bring insects and plants back to my studio. I wanted to cross pollinate these worlds in order to play out some kind of psycho-sexual weirdness.

MM: Which would you rather have right now… food or sex?

SM: That’s a cruel question.

MM: Maya, how’d you and Sebastian meet and begin working together?

Maya Hardinge: Sebastian and I met a long time ago. We were big fans of each other’s work and wanted to work together from the moment we met. We collaborated on various art projects. This is our fourth music video together.

MM: What is Sebastian like as a director?

MH: Sebastian is extremely driven and full of excitement and energy. He believes that anything is possible, regardless of budget. He seems to have no limits, constantly pushes beyond limitations and works extremely hard and often in harsh conditions. He tries out many ideas and is unafraid to walk on the edge of failure, then he gets to the right image, the right execution.

MM: We’re enchanted by the song. Can you tell us a little bit more about the EP as a whole?

MH: MAYa is a project of 4 EPs, each of four songs entitled, "Y," "A," "M," and the current one "a," "we shall not disappear," is the third video from the video only release. On this EP, I started using percussion, the previous EPs had less rhythmic structure and were more free floating. These latest songs deal with how the mind shouldn’t be trusted, how our behavioral patterns become something we cannot control even though we maybe aware of their absurdity. I hope to create something raw and beautiful that will involve the listener, in any way. I started recording this record in April 2012 after returning from a two-month work trip to Sri Lanka. This trip inspired one of the tracks on the record. It took over a year for the tracks to get mixed and mastered. I have self released two EPs on 10-inch vinyl, but always disliked the process of manufacturing the records. There seemed to be no end to technical problems. Finally I decided to work exclusively with visual artists and only release music videos instead. This mode seems to work better for me, there is still a long wait for the music to be released. But I like the creative process and think it complements my music.

MM: We’re glad it’s out. We love your voice so much. What kind of music do you sing in the shower or when you’re driving in a car all by yourself?

MH: I am more likely to sing walking down the street. What I sing changes daily. Sometimes it’s not necessarily a song I like, but a song that took my subconscious hostage.

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