Who Gibbz a F#@$?

The origins of Gibbz’s first EP as a solo artist, Who Gibbz A F#@$, out this month on soundcloud, lies in the sweet melodies of a hemorrhoidal Michael Jackson. It was Gibbz’s interpretation of what the late King of Pop would have sounded like taking the world’s most painful shit that impressed collaborator Gramatik enough to place the producer in the recording studio, where he created a grooving electro-pop EP that you can listen to basically anywhere.

MM: What got you started in music, production and the arts?

G: Well, I started first taking dance classes. I did that for eight years because I wanted to impress a girl.

MM: What kind of dance classes?

G: I was a ballet, tap and ballroom dancer. I did that for a long time before I realized I wasn’t impressing her that much.

MM: What college did you go to?

G: I went to Berklee College in Boston. That was awesome except for the fucking debt.

MM: Was there anything for you to do besides school in Boston?

G: There was plenty to do in Boston, I spent a lot of time at Boston College ‘cause nobody at Berklee seem to really want to drink. They want to talk about Miles Davis and jerk each other off. So I went to Boston College to drink and meet people.

MM: What did you do after college?

G: After college I linked up with Adam Deitch from Break Science, Lettuce and John Scofield Überjam through a Craigslist ad for interns at his studio in Brooklyn. So I started basically being Adam’s bitch doing everything for him and eventually I went on a tour as his bitch working with Gramatik. Then I met Gramatik and I was like “Holy shit, Gramatik’s awesome I want to be his bitch.” So the bitch torch was handed off and I became Gramatik’s bitch. He treated me real good. I just started singing around Gramatik and he really liked my voice. I would do this impression of Michael Jackson with a really bad hemorrhoid and he would get really psyched when I would do that. I would be singing Michael Jackson with terrible, terrible pain in his ass. Then I turned that into actually singing. Then we made Tilt Mode first with the guys from Exmag. It started with Tilt Mode because we were all on tour together and the dudes from Exmag were just fucked up, and they would constantly make beats and be like, "Gibbz, sing over this, sing over this.” And I sang some really, really horrendously offensive lyrics and the one in Tilt Mode actually held and weren’t as offensive as the others. So Tilt Mode stayed.

MM: What kind of stuff would you say?

G: No, I really shouldn’t say. [Laughs] From there Denis Jasarevic started giving me tracks he wanted me to sing over.

MM: After touring and singing on other artist’s tracks, is it important to you to succeed as a solo artist?

G: I had never thought about doing anything solo ‘cause I was still the bitch. What bitch thinks “I’m going to go out and be head bitch"? So it was really Denis and the Exmag guys that were like, “No, you have to do something on your own. Like, fuck, you’re a good producer, do something." So I just started making tracks. I mean I had the four tracks and Denis had his label “Lowtemp” that he started, and he said to release it under the label, get yourself out there. So we finished it a few weeks ago, got some album art together and released it on March 11.

MM: Are you still collaborating with other artists?

G: I’m doing some stuff right now with ProbCause. He’s a rapper, he did some stuff with Chance. I’m working on a track with him right now. Then Exmag and I are doing some other stuff and I’m singing on the new BRANX record that’s coming out.

MM If you could kidnap any artist to collaborate with, who would it be and why?

G: I’d kidnap Prince because I feel like it would be a really difficult thing to do because he has a lot of security. I imagine that they’re all in high heels. And I’d just break, one by one, each heel. Then the security would never be able to get me and I’d take tiny Prince and put him over my big shoulder and throw glitter behind us and run. I think that would be pretty cool. [Laughs]

MM: That is an excellent answer. [Laughs] What is a Saturday night like with Gibbz?

G: A 24 pack under one arm and a fake microphone, like a kid toy microphone in the other and just walking around harassing people and hoping not to get arrested. [Laughs] Nah, nah, a Saturday night with Gibbz is usually me working for other people, but still with a 24 pack underneath one arm.

MM: Have you noticed a change now that you are becoming more recognized?

G: Yeah there’s definitely a change. I’m currently still doing sound for Gramatik, I’m still his sound guy. It’s interesting going up on stage and singing a couple tracks and sweating a lot—I’m not in the best of health—and then just running back to the sound board to complete the show. People just seeing me are like, “Why are you in such a rush?" People want to take a picture with me, [but] I got to go back to my job. People notice it, [and] I’m glad I get recognized.

MM: Can we get a little taste of hemorrhoidal Michael Jackson?

G: Now?

MM: Yes!

G: Well, the thing that Denis liked was [♫sings like Michael Jackson is taking an extremely painful shit ♫]

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