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The next time somebody is thinking about inventing a new drug, they need to call up Jacqueline Sir. The NYU film student (and Milk Made alum) has already invented a mind-altering drug called Parix that’s so much better than Molly because it lets you touch your dreams instead of making you want to sex up household appliances. Parix only exists inside Sir’s NYU film thesis, sadly, but you can see a trailer for the project—and support the Indiegogo funding for the full-length film of the same name—which follows a group of bored teenagers as they experiment with Parix across a neon-tinged playground filled with empty arcades and desolate country roads.

“I grew up in LA and came straight to New York so I’m from two metropolitan urban cities so I’ve always romanticized the idea of suburbia," says the writer and director. But the goal isn’t just to create a thin shell of a reality, says Sir. "My production designer and I are creating our own fast food bags, our own soda cups, our own beer cans. We’re rebranding this whole world." Although it’s a fantasy pulled from Sir’s own mind, she hopes the project will reach a wider audience of those who’ve ever wished for more control over lives that sometimes seem to drift down open roads with no destination in sight.

Support Parix on Indiegogo here

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