Michal Menert: 'Your Ghost'

Before premiering the music video for his song Your Ghost this week, Michal Menert’s music career began nearly a decade ago when a drug deal gone wrong sent him to the hospital with a bloody stab wound to his chest. He turned to music to get himself together after spending his childhood watching his father make music and collect records—"Your Ghost," produced with Daniel Goldhaber and Drew Levin, pays tribute to Menert’s father, Tad Menert, whose cancer diagnosis served as the force behind his turn around.

“My father’s cancer started getting worse and I realized I had to step up and get my head straight and be there for him,” he tells Milk Made. His father passed in 2010, but it took four years for him to put his feelings into a song. “Doing the video and doing the song, I wanted it to seem honest and sincere. That’s why it took four years after his death for me to convey those emotions the way I wanted to.” The video shows Menert drinking heavily and stumbling home from wild parties, giving us a glimpse into the dark, destructive period he experienced after his father’s death.

As one of the original members of the music collective Pretty Lights Music, Menert’s mission is to expand the Colorado music scene. Along with producing his own music, he is starting a record label to give lesser-known artists the opportunity to make music that, like his, values emotional depth rather than flashy production. “If you’re making music for yourself, for the sake of getting things out and communicating, then you’re doing it for the right reasons.”

Watch out for Michal Menert’s vinyl EP Elements scheduled for release on April 12

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