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A Night For Autism

Milk Gallery was awash with good vibes Thursday night, as guests scribbled their names onto bid slips beneath more than 50 prints from photographers such as Greg Kadel, Karen Collins, Craig McDean and Anna Bauer. Host Jacquelyn Jablonski drew a sparkling crowd that included Joan Smalls, Martha Hunt and Tenzin Wild to raise autism awareness with A Night for Autism, the second fundraising event she has organized to benefit Autism Speaks.

Jablonski was 6 when her brother Tommy was diagnosed with autism at age 2. Growing up she had always been protective of him. “It’s definitely made us stronger as a family,” she said. "It’s also made us more patient and understanding individuals.”

As DJ May Kwok kept the vibes going, Jablonski took one last sip from her champagne glass, wrapped her arm around Tommy’s, and smiled widely as she whisked him off towards a series of prints up for auction. They passed a couple reading autism statistics displayed in bold blue lettering: "One in 68?! I had no idea that many kids were diagnosed with autism," one gentleman said, as a model quickly added, "I can’t believe it’s 1 in 42 boys."

Kevin Sinclair, a fashion photographer who has shot for Vogue, ELLE and others, found out about the event through his friends at Supreme and donated “Kasia,” a 24 x 36 digital archival print, to the silent auction.

“I chose this piece because, to me, it felt somewhat iconic, it’s very powerful,” he said. “ I just thought it would be a very awesome visual piece to donate to showcase.” In turn, Sinclair acknowledged how powerful the families of those with autism are, how their stories of strength are the driving force behind increased awareness of the condition.

“I feel great being able to be a part of this,” he said. “Jacquelyn is an incredible spokesperson for this cause. If there’s anything everyone is going to take home with them tonight, it’s certainly awareness.”

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