Tiaan: Faded Hours

With her first single “Dive Deep” just released on Spotify last week, TIAAN is a young modern day Sade from down under. I was one of the lucky invited guests who got to experience her soulful voice live at her showcase at Bryan Ling’s beautiful new space on Fairfax. Her performance was subtly and undeniably sexy, and after every song she charmed the crowd with her Aussie accent which sounds surprisingly childlike compared with her rich vocals. Her performance felt short, almost a tease—leaving everyone in the crowd wanting more.

"I’ve literally been surrounded by music my whole life," she tells Milk Made. Her dad is an incredible funk/soul/blues vocalist from Chicago, whom she sang with on tour after high school, while her mother, whose Latin roots infuse a fun dance element, loved to blast pop and R&B throughout the house while TIAAN and her sisters were growing up. All of these elements are in her music and TIAAN herself delights in defying genres. “These days there aren’t really genres, they’re all mixed — I think I’m a mix," she says.

Her Australian roots also come through in her music, exemplifying that easygoing lifestyle and sensual, almost spiritual feeling of being at the beach at night. “I grew up in the most beautiful place in the world," she says. "My music is super chill and easy listening and soulful."

TIAAN talked to us about mixtapes and then crafted a playlist for us, which she calls, Faded Hours. She describes it as “super chilled, literally what I would put on if I was faded in the late hours after the party is long over, heads are hanging but refusing to go to bed.” Her single, “Dive Deep” fits perfectly into the mix. It’s our first taste in what will be some late night sexy tracks scheduled for release soon. Stay tuned.

Milk Made: Who would definitely be on your first mixtape you’ve ever made?


MM: What songs always find their way onto your mixtapes?

TIAAN: Sade’s "No Ordinary Love;" Lisa Stansfield’s "All Around the World" and Gloria Estefan’s "Conga."

MM: What is your current “on repeat” song?

TIAAN: Beyoncé – "Drunk in Love." Everyone’s so over it, but I’m still like no—that’s my shit!

MM: Who would be your dream mixtape maker? If this person made you a personal mixtape, you could just die happy?

TIAAN: It would have to be Marvin Gaye.

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