Get Real: Dream Collabo Brings Musicians Together

We all have artists we’d love to see make a record together, but what if you had the power to make that fantasy a reality? Dream Collabo makes these musical dreams come true by uniting artists based on your suggestions. Fans choose two musicians they want to work together and if the proposal is popular enough, Dream Collabo will recruit the artists and start a Kickstarter-like fundraising campaign. Right now, Dream Collabo is working to bring Chicago-based rapper Tree and Seattle hip hop duo Blue Sky Black Death together, a campaign with one day left to complete its goal.

Inspired by their experiences working with local artists, Bob Whitney and Oliver Monday started Dream Collabo to give fans the musical experiences they want. “We want to facilitate whatever the fans want,” Whitney tells Milk Made. “We really value and appreciate our fans, and we know what it’s like to be fans.”

Dream Collabo plans to keep branching out and right now is working an international project that will unite artists from the US and Japan. By bringing together artists from different backgrounds, Dream Collabo hopes to provide them with a unique creative experience that they wouldn’t necessarily get working on their own. “Artists love collaborating,” says Whitney, “It’s a great way for them to expand their outlook on their music and maybe learn something. Connect with different kinds of fans and find fans that they didn’t know they might have.”

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