SACCO: 'Kerosene'

There’s a lot to like about SACCO, from their mellow brand of hazy synth-pop that buoys their self-titled debut album (out April 22 but streaming on Paste now), to the heartwarming nose-biting incident in preschool that brought bandmates John Frederick and Andy Breihan together. "There was an altercation in pre-school and I was removed from Bible school because of it," John told us. "Our moms are friends and they remember it very well. Andy’s mom claims I drew blood."

Fortunately, the two patched up their relationship and started playing music together in high school and continued collaborating over most of the next decade, most recently in Guards. They made the move from SoCal to New York four years ago, and kept writing music. "We were just recording because that was what Andy and I had always done. So once it kind of went from two songs to four songs to 10 songs, and we were like ‘Oh maybe this is an album.’ And afterwards I was like, “Oh, maybe this should just be a band.”

Along with drummer Chris Tromley, the group teased fans with Carnival Ghost and Driving late last year, but now that the full album is on the way the group have teamed up with friend and director Will Kaner and Jack Cearnal to put a comically literal spin on "Kerosene," a song about a drunk preacher, a business mogul getting a handy and a pyro war vet, all of whom wear possibly the most realistic (and creepy) Ryan Gosling mask we’ve ever seen.

We asked John how they chose the roles: "I think it was obvious I was going to be the preacher because I had the buzz cut and I’m probably the most spiritual, the most moral," he explained. "Andy just seemed perfect for the army vet, I’m not really sure why. And the idea of Chris with a pony tail was so perverted and awesome that he’d make a great Wall Street mogul."

And it turns out becoming Ryan Gosling isn’t as easy as it looks. "The masks were pretty painful to wear," John said. "They would stick to our faces and be really uncomfortable. Chris the drummer has the best scene. He’s the business man and he had all these hot chicks while riding in a limo. He had it good while me and Andy were freezing our asses off outside."

Catch SACCO’s album release show on April 22 at The Mercury Lounge before they hit the road with Band of Skulls. Check for tour dates/locations here.

Photography by William Kaner and Allister Ann

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