Milk Gallery Presents 'The School of Fashion: 30 Parsons Designers'

Is there magic at the School of Fashion at Parsons? If anyone should know, it’d be Dean Simon Collins, who has presided over an impressive list of graduates over the last 30 years. Maybe there is magic and maybe there isn’t, Collins writes in the introduction to his new book, The School of Fashion: 30 Fashion Designers, but "I know there is hard work. Dedicated faculty. Passionate students from around the world who come to Parsons to hone their skills."

And really, that seems to be more than enough, considering that the recipe has produced fashion luminaries such as Anna Sui, Donna Karan, Alexander Wang, Peter Som and Narciso Rodriguez, all of whom are among the 30 Parsons graduates profiled in the tome.

For a closer look at the book (or to, you know, buy it), a trip to The Milk Gallery is in order, where from now until April 19 a mixed-media exhibition displays a series of portraits of the 30 fashion designers along with interviews and illustrations and actual napkin drawings. You may or may not find magic on display, but you’ll certainly find the results of a lot of hard work.

Photography by Silja Magg

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