5 Minutes With Aaron Pfenning

Milk Made is at Coachella, soaking in the sun and the booze with our friends from and Radio Garage. We sent Jamie Burke to talk music with unsuspecting guests after their turn on Garage’s daily Coachella broadcast—here’s Aaron Pfenning of Rewards.

What song do you have on repeat right now?

Trust, I’ve been really into that, and Richard Buckner. He’s a singer-songwriter with an awesome percussive guitar style.

Who are your musical heroes?

It would have to be Bowie. But recently my inspiration has come from friends. I get to play with my heroes.

Was there any particular event or incident that made you want to follow a career in music?

I went on a bit of a rant last night trying to work out why I started making music. All I know is once I started, I never looked back. A good friend of mine who is no longer around is always in my thoughts. You gotta leave a legacy somehow.

Are you a jack of all trades or a master of one?

I love to travel and I love food. If I wasn’t making music, I’d probably like to do something like Anthony Bourdain.

Lastly, who are you most excited about seeing at this Coachella?

Blood Orange

Photography by Jamie Burke

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