5 Minutes With Caroline Polachek

Milk Made is at Coachella, soaking in the sun and the booze with our friends from and Radio Garage. We sent Jamie Burke to talk music with unsuspecting guests—this time he spoke with special Stylebop guest performer Caroline Polachek of Chairlift after an epic surprise show as alter-ego Ramona Lisa.

Can you tell us about Ramona Lisa?

I think of it as a film that I’ve been working on for the last year and a half on my laptop. It’s a record that I made mostly while traveling, and it kind of was a home for me during a lot of traveling. But it’s a neo-pastoral record and kind of like a future madrigal kind of composition that I feel like I’ve been wanting in my iTunes for a really long time. I have been looking for it and I didn’t have it, so I figured I’d have to make it myself. I’ve been performing the songs definitely not as my normal self, but as an embodiment of myself, and those shows and those songs are Ramona Lisa.

What song do you have on repeat on your iTunes?

I’ve been listening to this one Handel aria, performed by this one singer Julia Lezhneva. There’s five Handel pieces on there in a row, and they’re so beautiful. I’ve been kind of listening to those on loop.

Who are your musical heroes?

Virginia Astley, Kate Bush.

Was there any particular event or incident that made you want to follow a career in music?

Tons of luck.

Good answer. Are you a jack of all trades, or a master of one?

Unfortunately, the former.

That’s fine. That’s good—because you’re good at it. Any other creative outlets?

I love cooking.

And finally, who are you most excited about this year at Coachella?

Skrillex and Blood Orange.

Awesome. Caroline, thank you very much.

Photography by Andrew Boyle

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