The Stylebop House Party

This was my first time at Coachella and I had no idea what to expect. Except for a miniature Glastonbury in the middle of a very affluent neighborhood.

But this year teamed up with Milk, Radio Garage and Animal, to create an unforgettable event to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Harley Viera-Newton and Langley Fox Hemingway hosted a fashionable mix of talented friends including Caroline de Maigret, Henrietta Tiefenthaler, Noah Mills and Dev Hynes, who were treated to a special surprise performance by Caroline Polachek as alter-ego Ramona Lisa.

Tipis and navajo rugs covered the beautiful lawn, whilst scantily clad ladies dipped themselves in the pool and a stunning crowd of artists, models, skateboarders and DJ’s drank and ate the day away in such a serene and well-lubricated desert playground. All in all I’d say it was a great success and I hope to make it back within the not so distant future.

Photography by Andrew Boyle

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