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1/10 — Photo by Kaveh Kardan



Kawaii Kon: Sand People, Trolls and Chaos Terminators

Imagine New York Comic Con with an extra serving of karaoke, Japanese anime, ninjas and Power Rangers. Add a Warhammer Chaos Terminator in an elaborate eight-foot, 100-pound armor suit that took over a year to make and you have a taste of Kawaii Kon in Honolulu.

The Hawaii Convention Center proved to be a beautiful backdrop for fellow photographer Kaveh Kardan and I. Initially it felt a little awkward asking Japanese tourists to step out of the frame, but by day two even superheroes knew better than to get into our wide-angle shots.

Special thanks to Kawaii Kon Staff Photographer Zarli Win and Director of Media Relations Joshua Pugh.

Photography by Joe Marquez and Kaveh Kardan

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