It Came From the Internet: Molly Soda

In the latest edition of It Came From The Internet, Milk Made’s web curation series, our featured artist is net "princess" Molly Soda. She’s a prolific GIF artist, a Tumblr and YouTube star and she’s pulled off the internet miracle of selling a webcam video at the Phillips auction house.

Who or what are you?

i’m molly soda! you could call me a net artist but i prefer webcam diva or internet princess ;)

How do you describe your artwork?

flirty, glittery, sassy, girly, sometimes sexy… myspace graphics and youtube videos with an edge

Whose art are you digging right now?

pretty focused on other babes killin it on the internet right now: arvida bystrom, petra cortright, maisie cousins, grace miceli, jeanette hayes immediately come to mind. there is such an amazing network of women producing amazing work online. i’m also super into obsessively watching videos of girls talking, singing or dancing in their bedrooms on youtube.

In what state is your artwork best viewed in?

on your computer from the comfort of your bedroom, preferably in your bed. although i’m working on some new projects with the intention of having people view and interact with them IRL

What are you most afraid of?

spilling beer on my computer

If the Internet went down forever except for one website, which one would you save?


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