It Came From The Internet: Max Wittert

Max Wittert is a talented and fearful illustrator who creates dog GIFS, fierce Grace Jones artwork (is there any other kind?) and X-Men comics of Jean Gray and Cyclops as utterly mundane roommates that Marvel has actually published. Picture Jenga games with telekinesis and optic blasts and you’ll have a good idea of what to expect. We asked Max about his strange, hilarious work.

Who or what are you?

I’m a model-mogul, entrepreneur, PR executive and mother of 4.

How do you describe your artwork?

I do my best not to. Not because I think it’s boundless, but because I get panic attacks trying to figure it out. I guess I would say it’s figurative, playful, narrative, creepy-at-times, and a little gay? You tell me!

Whose art are you digging right now?

Jamian Juliano-Villani, old Yohji Yamamoto, Yoko Ono and Klasky Csupo cartoons.

In what state is your artwork best viewed in?


What are you most afraid of?

Brain cancer, stepping on broken glass, not living up to my own expectations. The list could go on forever. I think fear is all that motivates me lately. I live in New York!

If the Internet went down forever except for one website, which one would you save?

Follow Max on IG: @fionasnapple, Twitter: @TallBlondnRich and the internets

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