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1/17 — Photo by Zlatko Batistich



Opening Night: 'Brad Elterman: Dog Dance'

Remember at the end of The Shining when Jack Nicholson’s character gets frozen into that photograph of the haunted hotel? It’d be so much better to get frozen into a Brad Elterman photo where it’s always the ’70s and you could hang out with rock stars like Joan Jett, Debbie Harry and The Ramones at a sunny Beverly Hills party. It kind of felt like that at Milk Gallery last night for the opening night party of Dog Dance, with the flowing beer, laughing models and Brad himself shooting photos with all his friends.

We asked Brad to go old-school and write down his favorite memory from the glitzy ’70s and early ’80s in which he cemented himself as one of the biggest rock photographers around. Here’s what he wrote:

"Everything seemed so easy back in 1977. Things just sort of happened and fell into place. I would stop and pinch myself more than once. There I was with all of these rock stars from all over the world and I was a kid with a camera around his neck. The apotheosis came early for me. It was the evening that I met Bob Dylan. He was a god who actually spoke to me, encouraging me to take his photo with a young actor named Robert DeNiro. That was 1976. The parties kept flowing and topless girls danced by Beverly Hills mansions. I kept taking photos until one day I grew bored with it. Today, I can once again feel the buzz and I dig it!"

Dog Dance is now on display in Milk Gallery until May 18

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