NASA Gets Fashion

Have you seen NASA’s new Z-2 spacesuit that was revealed earlier this week? It’s an upgrade over 2012’s Z-1 suit with several internal updates like added flexible joints (handy) and better radiation protection (even more handy). But to get the right look NASA put the final exterior design in the hands of the public—and apparently more than 150,000 of us want our finest adventurers to look like gray marshmallows repping a blue Vonage logo.

Each suit is estimated to cost $4.4 million, according to Wired, and it’ll be made with 3-D printing technology that will allow the upper torso to be resized for differently sized astronauts. Clearly we’re entering a brave new world(s) of fashion, but you would’ve known that a year ago if you caught our Fashion & Technology #MADEhangout with NASA Johnson Space Center’s Wearable Technology Engineer Cory Simon, Spacesuit Engineer Amy Ross, plus Mary Huang of Continuum Fashion and fashion bloggers Laura Ellner and Syuzi Patchin. Catch the full video to the left to hear more about where fashion and technology might go next.

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