It Came From the Internet: Alec Mackenzie

It’s Friday, kids, which means it’s time for the newest edition of Milk Made’s web art series It Came From the Internet, wherein we talk to "pale Scottish person" Alec Mackenzie about his grotesque and strangely wonderful GIF art.

Who or what are you?

A pale Scottish person who enjoys making lots of animated gif art and occasionally exhibiting other things too.

How do you describe your artwork?

My work at the moment is a series of gifs, featuring absurd, surreal and grotesque scenarios and sculptures made using 3D models. More specifically that often means creating things that have too many eyes and teeth, spinning around, and with stuff poking out of other stuff. I decided a while back I was going to try and produce a new piece of work everyday and gifs seemed the most expedient way to do that.

Whose art are you digging right now?

The videos of Rachel Maclean, gifs and illustrations from Elenor Kopka, Vince McKelvie’s visuals on HONEY, Waneella’s pixel art, drawings from Ville Kallio and graphics by Eltons Kuns, plus the comics of Jan Stenmark.

In what state is your artwork best viewed in?

In a state of undress, in a slouched position with a bored and listless outlook, probably around 2am on week night with no firm direction in life. Alone.

What are you most afraid of?

Deadlines, both real and the arbitrary ones I invent for myself. Saying no to things, people, and animals.

If the Internet went down forever except for one website, which one would you save?

Either the comments section of the Daily Mail website or GeoGuessr. Both make me question where I am.

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