Fresh Faces: Alex Chapman

Keep your eyes trained on Alex Chapman. We do it all the time, partly because the Milk Made alum is everywhere, but mostly because he’s one talented rapperwriterperformer and the co-founder and resident DJ at Up & Down’s Duh Fridays. In our latest edition of Fresh Faces, we asked the man known as Chapman about what’s going on inside his head.

What artist do you fantasize about?

I have a really strong feeling for Drake, I feel like he knows how to take care of a lady. There was this Reddit thread where people anonymously say celebrities they slept with. And this girl wrote about Drake and said, “He was so kind to me, he knew how to love me.” I was like, OK, Drake can get it poppin’ for sure.

Do you think it’s more important to perform live rather than just release music via the internet?

I think you have to do it all, it’s your responsibility as an artist to provide quality content on every platform.

What are you working on now ?

One thing I’m working on is an R&B project with a bunch of my favorite artists ever. I don’t want to say any names yet because it’s still happening, but I’m completely shocked by who’s agreed to be apart of it. I’m also working on my first official single/video for “Switch Hitta." Jesse Saint John wrote the hook, he’s this amazing songwriter who just co-wrote “Opulence” by Brooke Candy.

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Photography and GIF by Andrew Boyle

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