It Came From the Internet: Elenor Kopka

Artist Elenor Kopka‘s strange little kingdom of characters she creates for her Tumblr blew us away – which is why we had to get inside her magical .gif maker of a mind. Discover her creative process, fears and what she would do if the internet broke.

Who or what are you?

I’m an illustrator, closet folk-musician and probably allergic to shellfish.

How do you describe your artwork?

I’m constantly developing and refining a strange little kingdom of characters and settings, sometimes introducing new residents to the group, sometimes executing others. There’s a lot of cigarettes and dolled up turnip. I like it best when everything feels precisely off-key.

Can you briefly describe your creative process?

A lot of the time I feel like I’m copying and reproducing myself again and again, always a bit worried about becoming my very own fraud – until suddenly something different and interesting asserts itself and takes me somewhere new.

Whose art are you digging right now?

I’m very into the Hokusai Manga at the moment.

In what state is your artwork best viewed in?

Preferentially awake.

What are you most afraid of?

Eels, ghosts and shellfish.

If the Internet went down forever except for one website, which one would you save?

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