Fresh Faces: Joseph Trisolini

It’s easy to list the ways that Joseph Trisolini is a cool guy, like how he doesn’t brag about growing up in Hawaii, or the fact that he’s a really talented photographer. His latest project is a photo book called Be a Man now out on Amazon, and you really need to follow his work on Gasoline.XXX, which has an upcoming show May 31 at Bushwick Open Studios.

If you had to sum up who you are in 200 characters or less what would you say?

This is a good dating website question: "Funny, optimistic and enjoys long walks on the beach."

How did you make it to NYC?

I was in Italy, just finished with college, and I was flipping a coin over going to Japan to teach English or moving to New York to work in some facet of photography. I originally wanted to work at Aperture or Magnum but I had a friend, Mike Marquez, who was lighting fashion and took me under his wing. He pointed me in the right direction and on my days off I was just scanning negatives in my cousin’s basement working on a little book called In Passage.

Why photography?

It was a way for my friends and I to take pictures of tricks we were doing skateboarding. There was a skate shop that had an album that people would submit their photos to. It was a good way to see new spots and see the tricks other kids on the island were doing. My brother and I would pool our money together to buy camera stuff. Then I started going on trips and after that there was no turning back.

Photography by Fletcher Lawrence Anstis

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