Fresh Faces: James Brodribb

Photographer James Brodribb was originally born in England but grew up in South Africa and is now based in New York, where he shoots fashion stories and the streets of Brooklyn.

How did you make it to NYC?

Living in NYC has always been a personal goal of mine but I never thought it would become a reality. Myself and my wife had been living in London for 2 years when we decided to make the jump across the pond. Having never been to NY before moving here made the leap all the more exciting. I haven’t looked back since. NY is my 2nd home now.

Why photography?

Growing up in South Africa from the age of 14 threw me into a world that I wasn’t used to. It made me see things differently. Africa is a place of contrast. The divide between the "classes" is vast and made me want to somehow document it. My father, a keen amateur photographer, always had old cameras in the house. His passion soon transitioned into mine. I quickly found myself documenting everything that I saw. Having a camera with me everyday became habit and still is to this day.

Top three photographers of all time?

Paul Trevor, Bruce Davidson, Irving Penn

If you had one year with no financial restraints what would you do?

Motorcycle tour around the world with my wife and group of friends, documenting the whole trip with the view of making it into a book.

Photography by Fletcher Lawrence Antsis

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